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Area of application

For the construction of county and trunk roads, especially useful for laying tarmac and asphalt, and for similar construction work where rolling is required, but also for other types of work where compaction/ rolling is required.


From its establishment in 1897, Hubert Zettelmeyer AG Maschinenfabrik, Konz, Germany was focused on the develpment and manufacture of modern construction equipment for road construction with special focus on steamrollers. This was at a time when this type of industry in Germany was in its infancy. Other products were breaking equipment, housing trailers for workers, trucks, water tank trailers and pumps. The production was by means of standardised series to specifications in accordnace with the DIN standard. By the 1930s they had delivered almost 200 steamrollers, around 60 domestically and the remainder of just over 130 steamrollers across Europe, Africa and Asia.

The exhibited steamroller in the museum has undergone a thorough renovation at the factory's facilities in Konz and arrived at the museum in 2006.



Zettelmeyer 411-08

Introduced                                     1915

Cylinder bore                                 145 mm

Stroke                                              300 mm

Rotation speed                              180 r/min

Working pressure                          12 kp/cm²

Effective horsepower                    35 hp

Watertank capacity                        635 L

Roller diameter                              1 820 mm

Steamroller speed                         5 km/h

Gross weight                                  18 t