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The T-43 was one of Volvo's big tractors. It could manage both the Munktell six-foot thresher and a three-furrow 12-inch plough.



The T-43 had competition in the market from its green colleague, the BM 20 model from Eskilstuna. The T-43 could offer more horsepower and better low end torque. In principle, the volvo T-43 is a BM-20 with a Hesselman engine. It starts on petrol and the runs on  paraffin. The T-43 has magneto ignition and spark plugs. 

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Volvo T 43

Introduced                             1946

Engine                                     4-cylinder, 4-stroke Hesselmanengine
                                                 designed for operation with diesel or paraffin

Engine output                        48 hp, 1 500 r/min

Gearbox/speed                      5 forward, topspeed 18,1 km/h
                                                 1 reverse, topspeed 2,9 km/h

Fueltank                                  70 L

Coolingsystem                       35 L

Weight                                     2 450 kg