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The T 425 was appreciated because it was fairly small and fast. After a number of modifications it was also relatively durable compared with earlier models. During development, time and trouble had been taken to make the operator's environment better and the tractor easier to service by adopting an oped design on both sides. This, combined with the fact that the tractor was very cheap to buy and run meant that it was was very widely used even in areas other than agriculture. It gave excellent service simply as a means of transport and as a service vehicle.



This was the last farm tractor developed by Volvo. Initially this tractor was produced with a different engine under two names BM 15 and T 15, belonging to Bolinder-Munktell and Volvo respectively, both identical apart from the color and the name. In all, 1 250 of these tractors were sold. The BM version was called the Terrier and the Volvo version the Krabat (Rascal). The creator of these tractors was Erik Andersers. He also replaced the old engine and created the T 425. This engine was developed jointly with Volvo cars and was also used in the PV 444 and Amazon cars respectively. The T 425 was also created in two versions, the T 425 and BM 425.

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Volvo T 425 Krabat

Introduced                                    1957

Engine                                            Volvo B 16 C

Engine output                               32 hp, 2 500 r/min

Gearbox/speed                            4 forward, 1 reverse, topspeed 29 km/h

Fueltank                                        40 L

Coolingsystem                             8 L

Weight                                           1 350 kg