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The reliability and good operational safety made the T 24 popular in every branch of agriculture. With its tight turn radius and high ground clearance, it was especially well suited for row-grown crops.


The T 24 is a sister model of the T 25. The two filler caps in front of the operator tell us that this tractor has a paraffin engine which was started on petrol and was switched over to paraffin once it was running. With itsparaffin engine, the T 24 did not have the same high power as the petrol-engined T 25, but it still sold better. This mainly due to the higher operating cost involved with petrol engines. In total 16 270 units of the two sister models were sold.

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Volvo T 24

Introduced                                    1952

Engine                                            Typ CF 22, 4-cylindrig, 4-stroke kerosene                                                                engine

Engine output                               27,5 hp, 2 000 r/min

Gearbox/speed                             5 forward, max 26 km/h
                                                        1 reverse, max 5,2 km/h

Fueltank                                         45 + 4 L

Coolingsystem                              11 L

Weight                                            1 570 kg