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Volvo T 31 was a keronese tractor 35 HP class that filled the gap between Volvo's T-40 series and the the smaller T-20 series. T 31 had the same structure as the minor siblings but was strongly dimensioned. The clarrified 


T 31 was a very popular tractor through its versatility and flexibility. Like the smaller 20-models it had the smaller frame rails that enabled the extension of various types of gear and equipment. It had great ground clearance and suitable therefore well in crops planted in rows but also in forests.

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Volvo T 31

Introduced                             1949

Engine                                     Volvo D4F, 4-cyl. 4-stroke paraffin engine

Engine output                        SAE 36 hp, 1 500 r/min

Gearbox/speed                     Mekanisk växellåda

                                                 5 forward, 1 reverse 5,3–24,6 km/h

Fueltank                                  60 + 4 L

Power take off                        525 r/min at 1 500 engine r/min 

Weight                                     2 295 kg

Quantity produced                6 919 st

Years manufactured             1949–1957