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Introduced at just the right time, when tractors were spreading fast after the war, the Volvo T 21 quickly became a popular machine on small farms. Its high ground clearance meant that it was especially well suited for crops planted in rows.


The Volvo T 21 was the base model of the 20-series. Altogether 1 800 of them were produced during 1946-1948. From the gearbox and backwards, the T 21 was the same as the BM 10. It had the same 5-speed gearbox, the same tires and the same enclosed steering brakes and final gears. 

It was followed by the T 22 and the T 23, the latter of which was petrol-driven variant with a slightly higher engine output. 1952 saw the introduction of the T 24/T 25, heavier machines with slightly larger engines and bigger tires. A hydraulic lift and a power take-off were standard on these models.

Almost 30 000 units of the 20-series were produced during 1946-1959 and it became a highly popular tractor. A well-known slogan was "no one knows how old a Volvo can become".

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Volvo T 21

Introdced                               1946

Engine                                    Volvo C4F, 4-cyl. 4-stroke kerosene engine

Engine output                       SAE 22,5 hp, 1 800 r/min

Gearbox/speed                     Mechanical Gearbox

                                                 five gears forward and one reverse , 4,2–21 km/h

Fueltank                                 45 + 4 L

Coolingsystem                      11 L

Power take-off                       525 r/min vid 1 500 motorvarvtal/min 

Weight                                    1 255 kg