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The engine was used in several contemporary car and truck models from Volvo. During World War II the engine was converted for operation with gas and much a large parts of Volvo's car production was used by the Swedish defence. After the war the EC engine was still used until 1947 in the wellknown Volvo taxi car and until 1949 in the truck popularly known as "the round nose". The EC engine was also sold in marine design named Penta EC-6.



The first series production car from Volvo in 1927 had a 4 cylinder engine with an output of 28 hp. That engine however was considered too weak and in 1929 a 6 cylinder engine with an output of 55 hp was presented. The successor type EC, which was introduced in 1935, was more powerful and reliable and would be a classic in both cars and trucks. This cutaway exhibit has serial number 118054 and was former used for teaching purposes in the Stenkvista Agricultural School south of Eskilstuna. The engine is donated to the Munktell Museum by Mikael Forss.

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Volvo typ EC


Introduced                              1935

Engine                                      straight 6-cyl, 4-stroke  

                                                  gasoline engine with side valves

Cylinder bore                          84,1 mm

Stroke                                       110 mm

Displacement                          3,67 dm³

Effect                                         80–86 hp

Compression ratio                  6,1:1