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Use and history 


The model was purchased by Volvo Construction Equipment in 2001 in conjunction with the presentation of the loader L220E. The main reason was to use the well-built model as a promotional item at trade fairs and exhibitions. The model is RC controlled and thanks to its maneuverability and capacity it can simulate different types of loader handling in a natural way. Even timber and wood can be handled with the timber fork and change of equipment is easily done thanks to the hydraulic quick coupler. In a few years after the presentation the model was used in several of the main exhibitions. Especially in England it was frequently exposed. On some occasion, it was also shown together with an RC controlled articulated hauler of similar scale. After being retired from the exhibition jobs it is now deposited in the Munktell Museum. 


The model is built in Germany by Hans Jürgen Wessels. He is a mechanic with passionate interest in construction equipment. Already at an age of 15 he built his first loader powered by a 2 hp engine. Today he has an equipped workshop for building of models, all in the scale 1:2,5. His main requirements for the models are that they shall have high performance and scalability and that their function is as close as possible to the originals. On his webpage more information about his activities and models can be found.

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Volvo L220E modell


Year of manufacture                        2001

Scale                                                   1:2,5

Engine                                                Honda industri 2-cyl V-motor

Engine output                                   25 hp (18,4 kW)

Gearbox                                             Hydraulic

Number of gears                              3 forward / 3 reverse.

Bucket volume                                  400 dm³

Lifting capacity                                  850 kg

Weight                                                1 700 kg

Accessories                                        Hydraulic quick coupler