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Motor TD 45 was used in wheel loaders LM 4200B, 4300, 4300B, L50, L70 and the backhoe loaders GM 646 B, 6300 and EL70. A number of engines were delivered to Volvo Penta for industrial use, mainly for the operation of pumping stations.




The motor is a further development of type D 42, and introduced in 1970 in the tractor T model 650. The largest engine technical innovation was a balance device significantly reduced vibrations and contributing to increased driver comfort. Balancing unit was built in the crankcase and consisted of two counter-rotating weights. The engine was a new design and self-made at Volvo BM here in Eskilstuna. D-42 engine was also used in several other Volvo BM machines. For example; wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, forestry machines and cranes. The effect was increased gradually by the engine was equipped with turbocharger and the designation became TD 42. The need for increased power, inter alia, loading machines led to the cylinder capacity in the early 1980s was increased to 4.5 dm3 while the designation changed to D 45 and turbo version to the TD 45. A later version D 45 B yielded somewhat higher output and even an low emission modell TD 45 B with intercooler was developed. The manufacture of TD-45 engine ceased 1994 and thereby completed a 90-year epoch of engine production at Munktells /Volvo BM. This engine was manufactured in 1994 and was the very last Volvo BM engine. It was assembled by excess components and lack of this reason the serial number.

Volvo BM TD 45 B

Engine                                      4-cyl, 4-stroke direct injected                                                                 diesel engine

Cylinder bore                          105,6 mm

Stroke                                       128 mm

Displacement                          34,5 dm³

Effect                                        84 kW (114 hp) at 2 200 r/min

Toeque                                     440 Nm (44,8 kpm) at 1 400 r/min

Injektion pump                       Bosch pump in a row