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This type of tool box was used by travelling mechanics at Bolinder-Munktell from about 1930 to the mid 1950s. In addition to space for the tools in the tool box, the lid also has a compartment for drawings and other documentation. 




Naturally the contents have been subject to revision during this period. This tool box belonged to Vält-Anders (Roller Anders), a travelling mechanic whose workplace was located in different parts of the world. The local population who were supposed to assist him were not always so eager to work. Vält-Anders knew a way around this. As the result of a childhood injury he had a glass eye, which he took out and placed on a stone. Under the supervision of this eye everybody worked feverishly! This method worked almost the whole week, until someone came up with the idea of putting a cloth over the eye - now unattended, and his assistants could lounge comfortably in the shade!



Introduced                         1930

Weight                                40 kg