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The engine on display was part of a family of four different sizes with power outputs ranging from 2-3 hp up to 6-8 hp. All these two-stroke engines were of three-port type with a piston-operated inlet. They were equipped with air-cooled, efficient underwater exhausts and had a low noise level. The gear housing and underwater body were made of bronze. The Amal carburettors were equipped with a starter and accelerator pump. Since the 1930s were the decade of competition above all else, competition engines with displacements of up to 500 cm³ were also made, producing 30 hp at 6 000 r/min.

Bolinder TRIM model A


Introduced                                       1933

Engine output                                  6–8 hp

Max rev                                             2 800 r/min

Propeller                                           3-blade, bronze

Weight                                               30 kg 

Fuel tank                                           4 L

Fuel consumptio                              c:a 2,5 L/tim