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Area of application

The wood wool produced by the machine was used to protect fragile objects in their packaging during transport. In the early 20th century, wood wool was also used to fill matresses, furniture etc. Wood wool was later replaced by paper, polystyrene and other plastics.


Wood wool machines were popular both in Sweden and abroad. Both right-handed and left-handed models were produced. This one is left-handed. It is extremely important that the wood wool machine is very securely installed since there is a risk that the rotary motion may cause the machine to jump, which might damage it. For this reason the machine is equipped with a frame cast in one piece and the positioning had to be carefully considered so that it could be mounted firmly on the floor. In 1887 a wood wool machine cost SEK 750 and in 1914 the price had risen to SEK 900. According to the consumer price index a wood wool machine would have cost about SEK 35 000 today.

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Beronius No 1; Wood wool machine


Introduced                                                 1906

Length                                                         3 000 mm

Width                                                           1 100 mm

Weight, gross                                              1 600 kg

Feed rate                                                     4 och 7 m/min