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Area of application

The tenon cutting machine was used mainly in various joinery works. It could produce tenons 170 cm long. It was very solidly built and easy to use.


The tenon cutting machine could be fitted with double cutters at no extra cost and could then produce tenons 300 cm long. However, the disadvantage was that it resulted in a tall, gangly machine. In addition, you could order a cutting device for a fee.

The table was cleverly designed and ran on four rollers fitted with ball bearings. This meant that work could be moved sideways without excessive muscle power. Laterally, the table was stopped in in the outermost positions by springs. Sveaverken, a well-known Eskilstuna company, manufactured mills, threshing machines, straw fans etc for agricultural purposes. Sveaverken had a large joinery headed by Master Joiner Janssin. In 1998 this machine was donated to the Munktell Museum by the Master Joiner's son Jan-Erik Jansson.


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Beronius tenon cutting machine 2a


Introduced                                      1920

Fixed and free pulley                     250 x 100 mm

Rotation speed                                950 r/min

Power requirement                         4-6 hp

Floor area required                         2 x 2,3 m

Weight                                               1 020 kg net
                                                           1 320 kg gross