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The BM-Volvo SM 462 was a forestry machine in the medium class with drive to both tractor anhd trailer section, develped and built for thinning operations and for good off-road ability. The lack of a bogie on the rear axle, however, meant that there was considerable scope for lateral movement, with the risk of damage to trees and shrubbery, above all in hilly terrain. 


Its predecessor, the full-track BMB 230 "Bamse" (Teddy-Bear), which was the ancestor of all Scandinavian forestry machines, was followed by the SM 461/661 "Lill-Nalle"/"Stor-Nalle" (Little Teddy/ Big Teddy), which marked the breakthrough for articulated steering. These last two were both so-called three-quarter-track vehicles. As time went on, the trend changed in favour of wheeled forestry machines, the first of this type being the SM 667 "Timmer-Kalle" (Timber Charlie).

BM-Volvo SM 462, was a further development based on the above forwarders, and ran in parallel in terms of time with the SM 868 which was developed with a focus on final felling, and was six-wheel drive with a bogie on the trailer. The machine exhibited here, serial number 1123, was built in 1971. The first owner was Birger Fondlands Entreprenad, Greppholmen, Orby, Kinna, where it was first registered on 16 June 1972. On 29 August 1973 it was used in a part-exchange deal at Valmet Traktor AB, Uppsala, which on 7 December the same year sold it on to Nils Erik Corell, Ekolsunds gård, Ekolsund. As of 1985 this was renamed Ekolsunds Lantbruk AB At Ekolsund it continued to offer sterling service for more than 32 years before it went to its current owner, contractor Mikael Forss, Stenkvista, Eskilstuna, on 20 June 2006. It was brought to the Munktell Museum in June 2007, where it has been on display since.



BM-Volvo SM 462 Skotare


Introduced                                   1971

Engine                                           47 hp vid 2 250 r/min

GEARBOX                                      2x8 forward and 2x2 reverse

Front axle                                     Integrated with the tractor body

Articulation                                  Angle adjustable ±42º; hydr. levelling lock

Hydralic system                           Open system; 62 l/min; 11,5 MPa (115 bar)

Tire size                                        18,4-34" alt. 23,5-25"

Gross weight                                7 400 kg 

Payload                                         6 000 kg

Grapple loader                            ÖSA 340