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Area of application
The machine grinds and sharpens both frame saw blades and circular saw blades. It can handle any length of frame saw blade, and circular saw blades up to one meter in diameter.

The saw sharpening machine was efficient for its day, at least in relation to its cost, as the data sheet from the year of its launch states. The emery disk can be set at different angles to grind different saw profiles. The machine is suitably fastened onto a table or bench. In 1914 a saw sharpening machine cost SEK 200. In 1917


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Beronius Saw sharpening machine

Introduced                                                    1907

Length                                                            1 000 mm

width                                                              900 mm

Heigth                                                            1 600 mm

Rotation speed                                             900 r/min

Pulley diameter                                            110 mm

Pulley width                                                  40 mm

Weight                                                            145 kg