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Different variants of this transmission used in articulated haulers A35 and A30 A35 had the PT 1660 between 1987 and 1992 and the PT 1662 until 1996 A30 had the PT 1660 between 1990 and 1992, the PT 1661 until 1996 and thereafter the PT 1663. This transmission was built for demonstration purposes and for advertising of the Reman-business (sales and renovated components).




The engine output torque was transmitted and amplified by the torque converter to the transmission. The torque converter was equipped with free wheel stator and lock-up. At certain speeds and load conditions the hydraulic torque transmission was automatically disengaged and the torque was mechanically transmitted. Gear changing was controlled by the position of the gear selector and an electronic unit. Engagement of each gear was made by an electro-hydraulic control system. The transmission had a built in hydraulic retarder.

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Volvo Powertronic PT 1660


Type                                Volvo Power tronic PT 1660 Electronically controlled                                               fully automatic planetary gearbox with

                                         6 forward and 2 reverse