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Area of application

The plane was used in joinery works, model workshops and similar places. It was not suitable for planing thin timber , but was sturdy and did a good job on thicker pieces. Beronius type B planes were better for planing thin timber.


In the mid 1950s, the Post Office building was under construction at the north-east corner of Rademachersmedjorna and Careliigatan in Eskilstuna. The lot was previously occupied by Wiklunds Brädgård. From there the machine was donated to the Munktell Museum in 1995. In 1914 a planer of this type cost SEK 450.

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Beronius No 5; Planer


Introduced                                        1906

Maximum planing width                400 mm

Maximum blade thickness             100 mm

Gross weight                                     360 kg

Feed rate                                            4 and 7 m/min

Power requirement                          3 hp

Floor space occupied                       900 x 1 000 mm