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Originally the clock showed the time at the Elementary Secondary School in Eskilstuna, and later from the new Town Hall's domed roof. 




This clockwork mechanism was manufactured by J.Th. Munktell in his engineering workshop in 1842. It was delivered to the Elementary Secondary School in Eskilstuna at a price of 266 Riksdaler and 32 Shillings Banco. The school was located on the site of what would later become the city hall. After 55 years the school building was torn down to make way for the new city hall. Upon its inauguration on 18 November 1897, the clockwork movement was transferred to the new building. At the same time, the clock was fitted with a new face that better matched the architecture of the building. The rear façade of the city hall building also received a clock face, and the hands of this clock were driven mechanically by the same clockwork mechanism via an ingenious system of shafts and gears. On Monday 21 September 1967 the Munktell clockwork was replaced by a compact new electric movement. On 10 March 1993 the Munktell clock was returned, and joined by the striking apparatus from 16 December 2008, by Eskilstuna Municipality to its original location, i.e. here to the Munktell Museum. 

Munktells clockwork


Type                                                       Munktells urverk

Year of manufacture                           1842