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This trailed combine harvester was developed and intended for the needs of the small family farm and was available in a number of different configurations, for instance with a grain tank or a grain tank in combination with a sack-filler. The harvester was also available with a wide range of extra equipment such as a straw baler, straw cutter, pickup reel, torpedo straw divider, revolving extra straw divider, a mechanism to lift and separate the ears of grain when harvesting and a pick-up mechanism for row-crops such as rapeseed. 




The production of trailed harvesters at Bolinder-Munktell ended in 1965, the last ones originating from Arvika Thermenius. The S 500 belongs to the last generation of towed genuine BM-harvesters. The harvester on display here has production serial number 25 738 and it was built in 1963.

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Thresher S 500

Introduced                                     1963

Towed, adjustable towing hitch  Direct driven

Power requirement, tractor        25—30 hp

Tire equipment                              Aeroplane tires for low specific ground                                                                   pressure

Weight                                            1 650 kg

Feed table                                      5 ft (1,52 m)

Additionally equipped with         Pickup reel hydraulic control of cutting                                                                   table and reel

Cyl.stroke/bore                              1 220 mm / Φ435 mm; 6 beaters

Cylinder speed                               700/1 500 r/min

Straw rack/ area                            Single 2,35 m²

Cleaning station surface              1,36 m²/2 st såll (exkl försåll och sållförl.)

Grain tank                                       14 hl