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For the storage of the medical and funeral benefit fund's foundation documents and membership records, records of members' fee payments and allowances, and the fund's cash. 




Founder Johan Theofron Munktell was a patriarchal leader who did not just make demands of his employees. He was also known for caring about their welfare. The workers organised themselves on Christmas Eve 1858 and created an association known as "Mekaniska Arbetares Sjuk & Begrafnings Casse" (Engineering Workers' Welfare and Funeral Society). It is one of the oldest in Sweden and operates to this very day, although it is now run in a different way than when it started a century and a half ago. The beautiful strongbox with its three separate locks and featuring some authentic old documents inside can be seen here at the museum. The inside of the door shows a colorful picture of the "Förstlingen" (The First Born) locomotive, which at the time the Society was formed was in the workshop for conversion from narrow-gauge to normal-gauge track width.

Engineering Workers' Welfare & Funeral Society

Introduced                       24 dec. 1858