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Area of application

For the production of steam for driving a steam engine on a large commercial vessel.


This is the front plate of a ship's boiler made by Munktells Mek. Verkstad AB in 1899. It was installed in a ship registered in Göteborg, Sweden. Information about the vessel is scarce, but it is known that it was decommissioned during the 1920s. The boiler, which at that time was still in good working order, was removed and sold to Källebäckens Laggkärlsfabrik in Habo, Västergötland. There the boiler produced hot water for the factory's barrel-manufacturing process. When the boiler was finally retired from service in 1992 to be replaced by an electric unit, the front panel of the boiler was donated to the Munktell Museum. 

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Vessel of the ship

Naming/type                       Munktells Fartygsångpanna

Year of manufacture          1899