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Bandvagn (Tracked vehicle) 202 is primarily an on-snow vehicle for transport of personnel and materials in deep snow, but it also has good capabilities when running off-road conditions without snow, on roads and on marshy ground. It is is amphibious and can swim across bodies of water. The tracked vehicle was a part of the Swedish Armed Forces, and also served in the Norwegian, British and the Dutch armed forces. A number of vehicles were also sold to government agencies and civilian customers.



In the mid-1950s, the Army Ordnance Department in Sweden assessed a number of snow vehicles to find a replacement for the obsolete 'Weasel', which had been procured after the Second World War. However, no existing vehicles proved suitable. Within the forestry industry, there had been trials with a tracked tractor which was connected to a bogie-equipped trailer through a pivot joint. The trailer was driven from the tractor's power takeoff and the articulated vehicle performed well in off-road conditions. Then the Army Ordnance Department gave the go ahead to design a tracked vehicle with this principle of steering. In 1958, two prototypes had been developed, and the trials with them proved the articulated steering's superiority for a snow vehicle. In the spring of 1961, a tender was issued for the development and manufacture of the vehicle. The Volvo Group was accepted as supplier and the work was delegated to the subsidiary Bolinder- Munktell. Series production started in 1963 and continued to 1980 with a pause in 1970-1976. The tracked vehicle on display is no. 3 in the pre-series. manufactured at the end of 1962. The vehicle was used by the Army Ordnance Department for different trials and has been modified several times according to later versions.

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BM-Volvo Bandvagn 202

Introduced                               1961

Engine                                        Volvo B 18

Engine output                          91 hp, 5 300 r/min

Volume                                     1,78 dm³

compression ratio                   8,5:1

Top speed                                 39 km/h

Length                                       6 175 mm

Gross weight                            2 900 kg

Load capacity                           800 kg