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The walking tractor was intended to be used in the same way as an ordinary tractor. According to its designer the chisel-shaped gripper shoes would grip the soil firmly preventing slipping. Shoes with rubber soles could be fitted when the tractor needed to travel on hard surfaces.



Nilsson wanted to solve the problem of iron wheels slipping. Horses hooves never slipped, he reasoned, so he came up with this technical concept that combined the horse and the tractor. The ITUS walking tractor, a tractor on legs, was the result of 11 years' work by engineer and inventor Fritz A Nilsson. He was employed as chief designer at AB Avance- motor in Augustendal, Stockholm. Patents for the ITUS tractor were applied for in November 1920 and it was shown to the public in connection with the exhibition in August 1923. At the time the Swedish newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, wrote: "The ITUS tractor, one of the exhibition's most interesting inventions. Perhaps, the Swedish inventor's genius here has shown the world a new efficient tool for cultivating the soil". The ITUS tractor was only ever a model, because when rubber wheels were introduced on tractors the problems with slipping were considerably reduced. Finally, a quotation from the description of the ITUS tractor: ”As we all know, one of the first thing humans learn is to crawl or roll. Where motor ploughs and tractors are concerned, we have rolled and crawled for long enough; now it is time that we started to walk." Björn Nilsson- son of Fritz Nilsson - donated this model to the museum on the occasion of Volvo BM's 150th anniversary.

Avance ITUS modell 1920

Introduced                                     Never introduced

Top speed                                       3 m/s

Rotation speed                              1 000 r/min vid 1,5 m/s

Lifting height of feet                     250 mm