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The steam engine is one of two built and these were used to drive a generator generating electrical current. Both these machines drove generators for Munktellstadens electricity needs during 50 years. 




In 1808-1809 Sweden waged war against Russia, losing Finland and made peace in Kalix. The former rifle factory in Söderhamn was too close to the border so it was moved to Eskilstuna in 1813 and was named Carl Gustaf's rifle factory. When Munktell came to Eskilstuna in 1832 he built waterwheels for the rifle factory.

Several years later, when Munktell established himself in the city and built up his business, he also took power from the river. Turbines were driven by the waterflow, but when the water was low Munktell was shut off from water power because the rifle factory was of course state-owned and thereby had priority. So it was decided to build two steam engines for Munktell's factories. The first was built in 1899 and the second the year after, and one of the two sibling machines is now back after more than a hundred years. Both generated power for the factories until 1951 when one was scrapped and the other was sent to Näsviken outside Amål. There it generated power for another 15 years, after which it went to the local historical society. When the museum was given the steam engine in 2001 there was an additional problem. The steam engine weighed 25 tonnes and had been housed for 35 years in a building that could not be demolished. The machine was dismantled and taken to the museum where the museum's veterans could assemble it for continued operation after extensive renovation work. Now it is back home - a shining example of what could be developed and produced in Eskilstuna at the turn of the 1900s.

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Munktells Sven

Introduced                                                                       1899–1900

Effect                                                                                 400 hp

High pressure cyl. (small) diameter                             440 mm

Lågtryckscyl. (stora) diameter                                       750 mm

Stroke                                                                               450 mm

Rotation speed                                                               200 r/min

Length                                                                              3 010 mm

Width                                                                                2 800 mm

Height                                                                               3 600 mm + 600 mm