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This small steam engine appeared in a range of areas, such as sawmills, flour mills, paper mills, farms, i.e., where it was used as a power source for small machines such as saws, pumps, fans, i.e. In large facilities it was not unusual that it was used next to the large steam engine to powering the various auxiliary units.




The steam engine was produced in two versions, vertical type GS and horizontal type GL. The main parts of the machine were largely the same in both versions. 7 different sizes were available with nominal outputs from 4 to 14 hp. The machines were known for their simplicity, reliability and robust design. The certification from installation tests often highlighted the low steam consumption, which was typical for the machine type. Production probably continued for more than 30 years with small changes in appearance. According to brochures in Bolinder's archives the machine type was still marketed in 1911. The exhibited machine, with manufacturing year stated as 1883, is probably from the earliest years of production. The machine was purchased for the Munktell Museum in 2000.

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Bolinders steam engine type GS

Year of Manufacture                   1883

Cylinder bore                                150 mm

Stroke                                             300 mm

Rotation speed                             140 r/min

Rated output at 6 kg/cm²

ångtryck Steam pressure            4 hp

Effective power output                8 hp

Flywheel diameter                        1 200 mm

Weight including flywheel            700 kg