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The mobile power unit was used for driving threshing machines etc.




Munktells Type 30 HK was produced during 1927-1935 in a total of 545 units, of which about half as drive units in motor graders. The Type 30 mobile power unit on display, was produced in 1932 and has manufacturing no. 5764. The original owner was the Labour Market Board (AMS), which in 1979 sold it for scrap to Ewe Nilsson's Scrapyard, Eskilstuna.

By chance, Clas Klemets, a former well driller from Råby- Rekarne, Eskilstuna, became aware that the fine machine was due to be scrapped during a visit to Ewe Nilsson. In order to save the machine from this fate he bought it and took it home to his farm and stored it there until around 1990 when he donated it to the Eskilstuna Factory Museum. With the consent of Clas Klemets, the Factory Museum handed it over to the Munktell Museum in the late 1990s. After renovation and preparation at the Munktell Museum, it is used, displayed and operated at various veteran events where the Munktell Museum participates.

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Munktells type 30 HK

Introduced                                            1927

Engine                                                    Munktells, 2-cyl, vertical hot bulb engine

Engine output                                       36 hp/650 r/min

Cylinder volume                                   3,5 dm³