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The type 25 was i lightweight agricultural tractor designed for a two-furrow plough. It could also be used for road haulage, with the solid rubber tires that were tested in 1935. However the general view was that, under slippery conditions in the fields, proper iron wheels were preferable.



The type-25 had a development of the 22 hp engine with designation Bolinder's W5. When Bolinder-Munktell tested solid rubber tires in 1935, the 25 was delivered for a topspeed of 10 or 14km/h. At the same time it was equipped with a foot operated drive wheel brake in addition to the normal handbrake. 

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Munktells Typ 25


Introduced                                                            1934

Engine                                                                    2-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine output                                                       28-32 hp, 900 r/min

Gearbox/sped                                                       4 forward, topspeed 6,2 km/h
                                                                                1 reverse, topspeed 2,5 km/h

Fueltank                                                                 72 L

Coolingsystem                                                      24 L

Weight                                                                    2 100 kg