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Munktell HA 2 drop-hammer, popularly known as the "plank-hammer" because the hammer is suspended in a plank. The plank is acted on by a lifting mechanism consisting of moveable rotating roller wheels and can be locked with a clamping device. The hammer is operated by a tramping or pedalling mechanism and for each pedal motion it strikes just once and automatically stops at its peak height. However, if the pedalling machanism is kept activated the hammer continues to operate without pausing between each blow. According to the original wording of the specification, the plank needed to raise the hammer should "be made of dry and knot-free maple or beech, straight and smooth and with uniform thickness along its entire length".



The hammer displayed outside the Museum was supplied to Eskilstuna company C. I. Fall in 1994, costing SEK        14 300 at the time.

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Munktell's Drophammer HA 2

Introduced                                                     1913

Power requirement                                      6 hp

Hammer weight                                            300 kg

Anvil weight                                                   4 500 kg

Gross weight                                                  8 000 kg

Lowest/highest fall height                            600 / 1 500 mm