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Steam traction engines were used as a source of power in agriculture and in industry, including sawmills. Munktell also manufactured steam rollers and self-propelled traction engines.




In 1853, Johan Theofron Munktell demonstrated the first Swedish steam traction engine. During the years 1853- 1921 Munktell produced about 6 500 traction engines. Munktell's traction engine was a great success and the beginning of the mechanisation of Swedish agriculture. The traction engine was also used as a source of power for the industrial development that began in Sweden in the middle of the 19th century. The traction engine and the steam engine meant that there was no longer any need for industrial plant to be sited close to running water. The traction engine on display here, serial number 2489, was delivered to Joseph Hermelin at Ulfasa outside Motala on 6 August 1903. Class H 8 was manufactured between 1897 and 1921. The price in 1900, including spark arrester, was SEK 4 900. If you bought a traction engine and a thresher at the same time, you were given a leather drive belt free of charge. Class H was the most successful of all models. 4 000 of them were produced.

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Munktells transportable steam traction engine H 8


Introduced                               1903

Engine                                       1-cylinder, dubble working

Cylindervolume                       13,7 dm³

Highest steampressure          7 kg/cm²

Effect                                          25 hp

Rotation speed                        130 r/min

Boiler                                         33 tuber

Inner tube diameter               66 mm

Tube length                              2 000 mm

Firing area                                15,8 m²

Length                                       3 500 mm

Width                                        1 800 mm

Height without chimney        2 800 mm

Weight                                       5 775 kg