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The 30-40 is a tractor made for the agriculture of its day. With a five-furrow plough it worked five hectares in a ten-hour day. When harrowing it could cover up two hectares per hour. By that the tractor was considered to do the same job as 16 horses and eight men.



This is the first tractor model produced by Munktell and it differs in many ways from the tractors we have today. The first thing you notice is of course its size. With a length of 5.8 meters and 3.3 meters high it is the giant of agriculture. The one displayed at the museum is probably the only one still in existence. The tractor was sold to Gimo works in Uppland on the 3rd of October 1915. With a four-furrow plough it commanded a price of SEK 16625. In 1927 i was bought back by Munktell and sold to a farmer in Skåne. In 1954 it returned to BM ahead of the launch of the 350 Boxer. It is now restored to working condition.  Most of the tractors produced over the years were sold within Sweden. Only a small number were exported to countries like Russia, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Greece and Argentina. The last exported tractor was sold in 1928.

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Munktells 30-40

Introduced                                                 1913

Engine                                                         2-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine output                                            30-40 hp, 550 r/min

Gearbox/speed                                          3 forward, topspeed 4,4 km/h

                                                                      1 reverse, topspeed 4,4 km/h

Driving wheel diameter                            2 100 x 600 mm

Fueltank                                                      140 L

Coolingsystem                                           380 L

Weight                                                         8 300 kg

Startup time                                               10 min