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The munktell 22 was designed to meet the demand for a small crude oil engine. It is designed for a two-furrow plough. It was also popular as a stationary power source for threshing machines and many more. The tractor body was also used to power the first Munktell road grader from 1924.



The type 22 was the first tractor to be built using modern principles. The engine and gearbox were combined to form one load-bearing unit and were made of a special cast iron alloy. High quality was underlined by the fact that the tractor contained 38 Swedish-made bearings. The crankshaft, the gearbox shafts and the frontwheels ran on a world-famous Swedish make of bearing.Axles, gears and other forged parts are of nickel steel with a tensile strength of 80kg/mm².

Its merits in terms of operating economy, durability and performance in both field work and in stationary operation were vouched for by many costumers. In 1934 its recommended price was SEK 5 225. At the 22nd Swedish National Agricultural Meeting in 1921, this tractor won the top award and  the King's Prize of Honour.

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Munktells 22 (1921)

Introduced                               1921

Engine                                       2-cylinder, 2-stroke
                                                   hot bulb engine for diesel

Engine output                          22-26 hp, 700 r/min

Gearbox/speed                        3 forward, topspeed 5,8 km/h
                                                   1 reverse, topspeed 2,6 km/h

Fueltank                                    32 L

Weight                                       2 580 kg