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This is an agricultural tractor suitable for a wide range of field sizes. Its engine was powerful enough to pull a three-furrow plough. It was often used as a stationary power source to drive threshers and stone crushers. The tractor was built to meet the demands of its time for a modern, reliable and efficient power source for harvesters, mowing machines and threshers as well as for all kinds of haulage work.



World was and periods of emergency led to a shortage of farm labour. This in turn resulted in increased interest in agricultural mechanisation. People wanted to create a model for the small farms. With the exception of the engine and gearbox the tractor is completely made of steel. The 20-24 replaced the previous 30-40 and was less than half in size. The fuel shortage during the first world war put a brake on sales, both in Sweden and abroad.

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Munktells 20-24


Introduced                                                         1917

Engine                                                                 1-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine output                                                    20-24 hp, 400 r/min

Gearbox/speed                                                  2 forward, max 3,4 km/h
                                                                             1 reverse

Fueltank                                                              60 L

Coolingsystem                                                   130 L

Weight                                                                 4 200 kg