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Area of application

For the rolling of the roadway during construction of new roads and for asphalt paving.


Munktell produced its first road rollers with a hot bulb engine as early as 1913. A road roller from that manufacturing year is actually exhibited here at the museum, However, the production of rollers started many years before they were steam-driven.

The motor roller on display in the museum was builtin 1939. Although the basic principles of the machine's construction have remained more or less the same over the years, one can nonetheless see several new design principles and improvements based on the experiences gained from Munktell's many decades of roller production. 

The machine has undergone a comprehensive renovation process over a couple of years, with the work done by Lars-Uno Karlsson, one of the Munktell Museum's veteran machanics, and it was driven under its own power into the display hall on April 3, 2007.

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Bolinder-Munktell motor road roller 8-12 ton



Engine                                       type  W5V2, 2-cylinder 2-stroke                                                                              hot bulb engine 

Power output                           28 hp vid 900 r/min

Cylindervolume                       5,3 dm³

Cylinderdiameter                    150 mm

Gearbox                                    4 forward and 4 reverse

Driving speed                           max 6 km/h

Coolingsystem                          24 L