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Motor rollers were used by most Swedish highway authorities when building gravel and tarmac roads and to make the road surface firm and smooth. A road stripper was mounted directly on the roller. The motor road roller could easily tow stone crushers and other road maintenance equipment.


In 1913, after manufacturing steam rollers for many years, Munktell began to produce motor rollers. This roller was made in two versions: 8t and10t. It is based on the the 20-24 tractor and has the same type of single-cylinder hot bulb engine.

A few tons could be added to the weight of the roller by mounting cat iron discs on the rollers. The motor roller on display was made in 1918 and was donated by the city of Sandviken. During the inter of 1996-97 the roller was completely restored at the Munktell Museum by our veteran mechanics.



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Munktells motor roller model 1914


Introduced                                     1914

Engine                                             1-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine output                               20–24 hp, 400 r/min

Startup time                                  about 10 min

Speed                                             2,0 km/h to 4,5 km/h

Gearbox                                         2 forward and 2 reverse

Weight                                            8–10 ton