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Area of application

The road grader was used when making and improving roads and for maintaining gravel roads, amongst other things. Model 24 graders could be seen working on Swed- ish roads well into the 1950s.


The model 24 is the first Swedish-made motor grader. Deliveries began in 1924, but the grader was shown for the first time at the Swedish Agricultural Meeting at Gothenburg in 1923, where it was awarded the King's Prize of Honour. The grader's power source is a Munktells type "22 HK" (22 hp) tractor. This is clearly revealed by the rear section of the grader, where the tractor grille is lo- cated behind the operator's position. The motorised road grader shown here, serial number 5579, was completed on March 1930. It was sold to Ragunda Tingslag road maintenance depot at Kälarne in Jämtland and was dispatched on 7 May 1931. When the museum bought it, the grader was at the Tullinge estate outside Stockholm. The grader had not run for many years, but started right away after warming up. The museum offered to purchase the grader from the owner, who lost no time in stating that he already had an offer of SEK 600 from the scrapyard The grader changed hands for SEK 1 200 and travelled to the museum under its own power.




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Munktells motor grader 24


Introduced                                1924

Engine                                        2-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine output                           22 hp, 650 r/min

Gearbox/ speed                       3 forward, max speed 9,1 km/h
                                                    1 reverse, max speed 3,0 km/h

Cooling system                         32 L

Weight                                        5 000 kg