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Area of application

Fishing boat and tug boat engines where high power is required, for instance during trawling and when towing timber floats. Also avaliable in single-cylinder and stationary versions. The WA engine series also included the WA 40 which produced 200 hp.


The museum's example was built in 1944 in the Central Machine Hall, which is now part of the museum. The engine was fitted to a trawler operating out of Lysekil on the Swedish west coast. The boat was sold to Arendal in Norway in 1967. The museum baught the engine.The parts lay in one big jumbled pile, and several components went missing during transportation to Eskilstuna. The museum's experts on older machinery undertook a comprehensive renovation and remanufactured many parts to get the engine back in running order. The engine has the exhaust note that is so typical of fishing-boats.

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Bolinder's WA 30 M21


Introduced                                      mid 1940s

Engine                                             2-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine output                                156 hp/330 r/min

Cylinder volume                            58 dm³

Cylinder bore                                 330 mm

Stroke                                              340 mm

Central lubrication type               ÅSSA

Starting system                             Compressed air 10 kg/cm²

Weight                                             6 600 kg