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Area of application

The two-cylinder W7 was popular as a marine engine for small fishing boats, longboats, pilot cutters and schooners. A stationary version was also avaliable.


The standard version of the engine had air starting and a quick-start lamp. The engine was started with compressed air from a tank on the engine. Buyers could opt to have the engine fitted with electric heating coils and a starter motor. This engine has these extras fitted. The engine was used in a sightseeing boat at Nynäshamn on the east coast of Sweden. It was donated by Ulf Busch.

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Bolinder's W7 M25


Introduced                                Late 1920s

Engine                                        2-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine with electric                                                            heating coils

Engine output                           50 hp, 800 r/min

Cylinder volume                       9,16 dm³

Cylinder bore                            180 mm

Stroke                                        180 mm

Turnwheel diameter                700 mm

Weight                                        1 050 kg

Generator                                  Bosch

Starter motor                            Bosch

Disengaging device                  Friction clutch for the propeller shaft