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Area of application

This type of engine was very popular in the 1930s and 1940s for powering fishing boats, pilot cutters and other types of working boats. We run this type of engine relatively often at the museum.


The engine shown in the museum powered a boat from the island of Gotland in Sweden. It was later sold to someone in Karlstad as a boat engine. The project was abandoned. When the museum acquired the engine it had not run for seven years. The crankcase and reverse gear were full of water, so the engine had to be completely reconditioned. The single-cylinder version is the smallest of the W7 series. This example is intended to work with a variable propeller. The engine was manufactured in the same building that now houses the museum.

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Bolinder's W7 M15


Introduced                                    Mid 1920s

Engine                                           1-cylinder, 2-stroke crude oil                                                                engine

Engine output                              25 hp, 800 r/min

Cylinder volume                          4,6 dm³

Cylinder bore                               180 mm

Stroke                                            180 mm

Turn wheel diameter                   700 mm

Serial number                               37314