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The wheel loader Volvo 4400 was a machine in the 11-ton class and produced in a total of 6400 copies during the years 1979-1987. 




The engine type was proven and had been produced in 75 000 copies. In this application, the engine was equipped with effective oil cooling system and the oil pan was designed for secure lubrication even in strong connections. Through the turbo-compressor, driven by the exhaust gases, gives the engine an extra supply of air, which contributed to a better combustion of the diesel fuel and thus lower emissions. The gearbox had four gear stages, but on machines sold in Sweden, the gear 4 was blocked of legal reasons to limit the speed to 28 km/h. The torque converter in the transmission gave a possible magnification of 2.86 times, which gave the machine a fast reaction. This drive assembly is used in different exhibition context. For many years after, it was issued in one of the stairwells at the manufacturing plant in Eskilstuna. In 2011 it was incorporated into the museum's collections.

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Engine                                      Volvo TD60B.  6-cylinder, 4-stroke                     

Cylindervolume                      6,0 dm³

Effect                                        105 kW (143 hp) SAE vid 2 100 r/min

Gearbox                                    Volvo BM HT 100

Weight                                      830 kg