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Area of application

The engine was used for the operation of sawmills, pumps, threshing machines, small electric power stations, etc. In the marine version it was a reliable power sorce for life-boats. The engine was started by the gunpowder method, but a starter motor was avaliableas an optional extra.


The engine was developed during the 1930s. The example on show in the museum was used by the Swedish Air Force during the Second World War to power generators for aviation beacons.The engine is started by the gunpowder-method.

Later on it was baught by a Järvsö residentfor use as a backup power source for hydroelectric power at a private power plant. In 1995 it was handed over to the museum at a formal dinner, hosted by Lill-Babs (Swedish superstar singer) who served the museum's representatives with Järvsö mash (the local mashed potatoes).

Bolinders DW3 S2


Introduced                           1940

Engine                                   2-cylinder, 2-stroke diesel engine

Engine output                      20 hp, 1 000 r/min

Governor                              Centrifugal

Serial number                      39341 / 42