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The DB 605B was used in aircraft types SAAB B 18 and J 21. In all, 800 engines were produced in Sweden up to 1948. Their serial numbers were 2001 to 2800.


In August 1941 the Swedish Air Force started production of the DB 605B engine, which was originally a German engine from Daimler-Benz. The engine was assembled and tested during the Second World War at Bolinder-Munktell's bomb-proof workshop at Ärna between Eskilstuna and Torshälla. Around a hundred engines were manufactured in Ärnaberget (the Ärna mountain) during the war. The engines were produced jointly with Svenska Flymotor AB in Trollhättan, which was in charge of the project.

Work on the engines took longer than planned and their launch was delayed. As a result, the Air Force, which had ordered a number of engines, went directly to the manufacturers of the original engine in Germany. It was later found that the German engines had many shortcomings. After a number of failures, most of them were replaced with the Swedish variant. 

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Bolinder-Munktell flight engine DB 605B

Introduced                                   1941

Engine                                           Liquid-cooled, inverted V 12 with                                                                               pre-compressor

Engine output                              1 475 hp, 2 800 r/min

Cylinder bore                               154 mm

Stroke                                           160 mm

Cylinder volume                          35,7 dm³

Compression ratio                      7,5:1

Weight                                           720 kg

Year of manufacture                   1947–48