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Area of application

This engine type was used as a stationary engine mounted on a frame with 4 wheels and was used for driving threshing machines, mills, saws, etc. via the belt drive. A simpler version called Avance-Express had the engine mounted on a wooden frame and was thus easily portable. Compressors, pumps and winches were often coupled directly to the engine.

Another major application area for the stationary engine was as a marine engine.


The engine was made at AB J V Svenssons Motorfabrik in Nacka  near Stockholm.

The factory was already producing engines as early as 1900.The first Avance engine left the works in June of that year. The first engines were based on an American patent and were powered by paraffin (kerosene) but by 1910 they had been developed to run on crude oil.

Considering when they were made, the design of several parts of the engine, such as the cast induction manifold and the exhaust silencer (muffler) shows great simplicity of style. Water cooling of the top of the injector prevented the pre-ignitions that might otherwise occur under heavy load when the bulb overheated.

The company expanded rapidly and 5 000 Avance engines had been produced by 1910. There were many versoins of this engine and it was exported widely to such countries as Russia, Germany, Turkey and Argentina. The size of the engines increased as well. The largest one produced had 4 cylinders and produced 360 hp. Munktells Mekaniska Verkstad took over the company in 1929 and the production of Avance engines came to an end during the 1930s. 

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Avance petrolium engine


Year of manufacture             1910

Type                                         1-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine output                         12 hp/500 r/min

Fuel injection                          Top-mounted injection nozzle with water cooling

Lubrication system                Drip lubrication

Governor                                "hit and miss"

Serial number                         4695