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Area of application

The engine was used as a stationary power source and in boats.


This type of engine is one of a series of marine engines with 1, 2 and 4 cylinders. This example is a directly reversible engine, but there are other models with swivelling propeller blades and with reverse gear. The steam launch Gerda was launched in 1865. The steam engine in the boat was replaced in 1915 with Bolinder's hot bulb engine. In 1932 Gerda was braught ashore and remained there until 1993, when a group of enthusiasts took her into their care and began restoration work. A steam engine was baught in Finland and installed in the boat, together with a boiler lent by Sven-Gunnar Jonsson. Today, Gerda is one of Eskilstuna's tourist attractions. The Bolinder engine, which had suffered badly from water and the weather over the years, was in a sad and rusty condition. The Munktell Museum immersed the engine in antirust oil for a long time. During the latter part of the winter of 1997, the engine was carefully restored by the museum's veteran mechanics. It was a memorable occasion when the engine started again on 28 May 1997 after 65 years as a "sleeping beauty".

Bolinder B5 M20, marine hot bulb engine


Introduced                             1915

Engine                                     2-cylinder, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine output                        20 hp, 500 r/min

Flywheel                                  38 cm in diameter

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