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Bolinder's B3 S10 was a highly popular engine for stationary operation of threshers, pumps, generators and so on.


The engine follows the guidelines that engineer Rundlöv stablished in the mid-1890s. It replaced traction engines in threshers and in industry. This particular unit was used at Engelsbergs Oljefabrik outside Fagersta to run a compressor from Manchester. The factory on Oljeön is today the world's oldest preserved oil refinery, owned by Preem Petrolium and is nowadays a museum that is part of Ekomuseum Bergslagen. Engelsbergs Oljefabrik was founded in 1875 by manufacturer Pehr August Ålund. Crude oil was imported from Pennsylvania and transported via the sea and via Strömsholms kanal (canal) to Oljeön outside Ängelsberg. The engine was sold to Högfors works in 1937. In 1978 it was donated to Volvo BM by S E Sandberg from Hedesunda. The Engelsbergs Oljefabrik museum can be visited after prior contact with Fagersta Municipality, Culture and Leisure Department tel +46 (0)223-440 00.  

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Bolinders B3 S10


Launch year                         1905

Engine                                   1-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine output                      5 hp, 600 r/min

Regulator                              hit and miss governor

Serial number                      10069