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Field application 


The engine was powering boats for pilot, customs and harbor services, for fishing vessels and pleasures craft. 




The engine was specially designed for quick and simple installation in different types of boats. Starting was easy in all weather conditions thanks to the sturdy and well enclosed electrical starting equipment. For hand-starting the engine was equipped with cranking mechanism and decompression device. The cooling system was closed with thermostat controlled fresh water for correct engine temperature. In a heat exchanger the fresh water was cooled by sea water, which also circulated through the water cooled exhaust system. The gearbox was directly mounted to the engine. 2 alternative ratios could be choosen for optimal propeller effiency to every boat. The engine was donated in 2014 to the Munktell Museum by Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

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Bolinders 1053 BR

Introduced                                            1953

Engine                                                    3-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine

Engine output                                       33 hp, 1 500 r/min

Swept volume                                       3,36 m³

Cooling system                                     Closed circulation

Reduction gearbox                               Forward/reverse, 2 optional gears

Weight                                                    830 kg