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Field of application 


The robust and easy to maintain engine was used in pump- and generator units for driving compressors, concrete mixers, mills, etc, but also as the motor in small loaders, forklifts and shunting locomotives.




The engine had great versatility through the various possibilities for PTO. The effect could be taken from the flywheel of the engine or at the opposite side from the crankshaft. Alternatively the power was taken from the camshaft by a free pin or hand- operated friction clutch. Engine Type 1052 I was designed for cooling tank and 1052 K was equipped with radiator and fan. Exhaust pipe, muffler, fuel tank and starting handle was included in the standard equipment. As an option, there were electric starter, alternator and starter battery. This cutaway engine has been used as demo unit at retailers and was donated 2015 by the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg.

Bolinders 1052 I-K

Introduced                                            1953

Engine                                                    2-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel

Engine output                                       Max 26 hp, 1 500 r/min

Cylinder volume                                   2,24 dm³

Cylinder diameter                                 104,77 mm

Stroke                                                     130 mm

Fuel consumption                                 Max 190 g/hp

Cooling system                                      Tank or radiator with fan

Weight                                                     490 kg