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Area of application

Small working boats, fishing boats, warping boats, sailing boats, etc.


The engine earned a reputation as being almost indestructable, easy to start and low in fuel consumption.

The engine on which 1052 BR was based was installed in a Volvo T 24 tractor. The tractor was highly successful and was later renamed the BM/T 230 Victor.

BR stands for reverse gear ("back") and reduction gear. The last digit in the name indicates how many cylinders the engine has. In this case it therefore has two, but the engine has both smaller and larger siblings. The museum also has a 1051 in its possession.

The engine was produced in the building where the museum is now located. This example was acquired from Sandefjord in Norway.

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Bolinder's 1052 BR

Introduced                                             1954

Engine                                                     2-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel

Engine output                                        23 hp, 1 500 r/min

Stroke volume                                        2,24 m³

Cylinder bore                                         105 mm

Stroke                                                      130 mm

Compression ratio                                16,5:1

Serial number                                        1257–1027/1954

Weight                                                     aprox. 600 kg