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Area of application

These engines were used in small boats for log driving, rescue work, leisure activities and so on. The engine will continue to run submerged under three feet of water. This was made possible by a raised crankcase breather and a raised induction manifold and by encasing the rest of the engine in a well-sealed enclosure.


The engine shown in the museum powered the same motorboat on Lake Vänern in Sweden for 39 years. This prototype example was also used by Bolinder-Munktell for testing with reverse gear and reduction gear (hence the BR suffix in the type designation, for back and reduction). This work was done at the Machine Laboratory (ML). The engine was also used in Åmål and Eskilstuna. A special lifeboat version of this engine was made, with an enclosed flywheel that served as a bilge pump.

The design was derived from the 1053 tractor engine in the BM 35/36 tractor. The 105 in the type designation stands for cylinder bore (105mm) and the last digit is the number of cylinders. The cylinder capacity of all the 105-series engines is the same. The 105-series marine engines built in the 1950s are still in use in many boats, where they meet stringent demands for reliability, service life and low fuel consumption. The prototype was manufactured in what is now the adjacent hotel's relaxation area and assembled where the John Engellau and Holger Lindmark suites are now located. 

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Bolinder's 1051 BR


Introduced                                            1953

Engine                                                    1-cylindrig, 4-takts dieselmotor

Engine output                                       11,5 hp, 1 500 r/min

Cylinder bore                                        104,77 mm

Stroke                                                     130 mm

Compression ratio                               16,5:1

Serial number                                        ML 4 prototyp för marin version

Weight                                                     aprox. 500 kg