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The Volvo BM 4300 was a four-wheel drive articulated wheel loader, built and developed for high all-round flexibility and with excellent features for material handling. Attachment brackets, hydraulic or mechanical, enabled fast attachment changes within a wide range of attachments.


The Volvo BM 4300 was the start of a new wheel loader generation. The major change was that the machines now contained significantly more genuine Volvo parts, e.g., transmission and axles as well as a new lifting boom system with parallel movement. One of the big winners with Volvo BM 4300 was the operator. Operator comfort saw a great improvement and it was now that Volvo became the leader in operator environment. Among other things, the machine had a pressurized cab and integrated air conditioning. The Volvo BM 4300 and its successor the 4300B were manufactured during 1977-1986 in a total of 5 276 units. This machine with serial number P105 is a prototype and was manufactured in 1976.

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Volvo BM 4300



Introduced                                            1977

Engine                                                    Volvo BM TD 42

Engine output                                       112 hp (SAE) vid 2 200 r/min

Gearbox/speed                                      Volvo BM HT 100 hydraulic transmission,                                                                  total of four gears forward and four                                                                           gears reverse,                                                                                                                   0-7; 0-11; 0-26; 0-37 km/h.

Axles                                                       AH 44, hub reductions. Floating                                                                                     driveshafts

Hydraulic system,                                  open system

working pressure                                  14 MPa (140 bar)

Tip load, straight with 
1,3 cubic meters bucket                       5 600 kp

Lifting height                                          3 720 mm

bucket capacity, gravel                         8 575 kg