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Field of application 


The Volvo BM 4200 B was developed and built for users who switch between different jobs, where each individual case called for ample capacity and a good work environment. The machine was available in two versions, with the loading unit fixed or cassette-mounted. On the latter variant the loading units could be removed from the wheel loader frame in a few minutes and replaced with, for instance, a crane unit, a truck frame, a sweeper, a sand spreader, a brush clearer or an excavator. The lifting unit could be fitted with mechanically or hydraulically operated fixings for rapid changes of attachments chosen from an extensive range. The cassette idea meant that the basic 4200 machine had a significantly wider choice of attachments for different handling operations than conventional loaders.




During the 1970s, there was a trend towards the development of attachment carriers in the lower weight segment of various machine types. This meant that working units with a wide variety of functions could quickly be coupled to the attachment carrier SYSTEM 4200 was Volvo BM's contribution to this school 1 583 examples of the Volvo BM 4200 B were made between 1978 and 1986. The machine exhibited here is a prototype. Its manufacturing number is P102 and it was made in 1981. The transmission and axles differ from those on the production machines. When the trials were complete, this example worked for several years as a yard machine at the Volvo CE factory in Hallsberg.

Volvo BM 4200B


Introduced                                                     1984

Engine                                                             Volvo BM D 45 B

Engine output                                                SAE 90 hp vid 2 200 r/min

Gearbox/speed                                              Volvo BM HT 90 hydraulic                                                                                                transmission

                                                                          four forward and four reverse                                                                                        0 –7; 0 –13; 0 – 25; 0 – 42 km/h.

Axles                                                                 AH 31 A (front); AH 31 B (rear)

Hydraulic system, working pressure           Open system; 16 MPa (160 bar)

Tipping load, rak m.                                        1,15 m³ bucket 4 850 kp

Lifting height                                                    3 710 mm

Bucket capacity, gravel                                   1,15 – 1,4 m³

Weight                                                               7 750 kg